Fast Weight Loss Diets That Actually Work

fast working dietsEveryone knows the basics of losing weight such as eating the right types of food and getting plenty of exercise. But that can be a long, slow, tough process and we all want quick results. If you’re able to lose weigh faster, why wouldn’t you, right?

But how exactly do you speed things up? Eat nothing but cottage cheese? Or is it just a matter of making yourself miserable at the gym, or are there really fast working diet plans that will let you get the results your after in a much shorter period of time?

Well, we won’t make you wait for the answer: there are diets that work faster than others. Some you can stick to long term, while others are only meant for those looking for quick weight loss over a short period of time, like 7 days for example.

Carb Free Diet

Everyone has heard of the Atkins diet which restricts the amount of carbs you eat daily. The Carb Free Diet is very similar, though it’s meant more as a quick tune up when you’ve got a few pounds to lose rather than long term weight loss plan.

While you’re on this diet, you stick to foods that are either completely carb free, or at least very low in carbs. The great thing about this is that you’ll get to eat foods you probably already love that contain high amounts of protein which will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Foods you should eat while on the Carb Free Diet are lean proteins like chicken, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, or fish options like salmon and trout. Non-meat options include vegetables and fruit such as broccoli, grapefruit, strawberries, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

While on this no carb diet, your body will utilize the fat stores in your body for energy, making it a terrific way to blast fat when you’ve got little time to spare before a big event. This combined with exercise will get you to your goal in no time.

Calorie Shifting Diet

The final fast weight loss diet we’ll cover today is the calorie shifting diet. The idea behind this diet is to confuse your body’s metabolism by frequently varying the amount of calories you’re taking in each day.

Here’s an example of how it works: you would first begin by eating your normal daily caloric level for a couple of days. Next, you would go under your daily level of calories for a few days, and then finally above it for a few days.

What you’re aiming to do is to make it so that your body cannot predict the number of calories you’ll be bringing in each day, so it will compensate by speeding up your metabolism. This leads to your body burning fat at a faster rate.

VFX Body System

VFX is new, but the man behind it — John Barban — has been well-known in the fitness and health industry for years. After receiving his masters in Human Biology & Nutrition, he began teaching in the department of Health and Human Performance at the University of Florida.

It was there that he spent 10 years researching what would become the VFX System. What you’ll love about is this one is that it doesn’t require any extreme dieting or exercise, nor are there any unsafe pills that do who knows what to your body long-term.

John specifically tailored the program to women looking to reshape their body, understanding that there are very important and obvious inherent differences between men and women when it comes to how the body responds to eating certain foods, types of exercise, etc.

The system focuses on optimizing the female metabolism in a way that no other program has previously addressed it. It takes into account everything from your measurements, your food preferences, your schedule, and your fitness level to create a strategy which produces maximum results.

It emphasizes what John calls the “5 wonder veggies for women.” Studies found these veggies boosted women’s metabolisms in a massive way regardless of their lifestyle or beginning body shape. Learn the 5 veggies in this video that explains the system (the 5 are listed at the 1:05 mark).

Whichever fast working diet you choose, ensure that you’re still bringing in a healthy amount of calories and nutrients. Even if you’ve only got a bit to lose, putting your health at risk is not worth any amount of possible weight loss. Stick to safe, natural programs like VFX that John created.

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