Cottage Cheese Diet: Fad or Your Path to Quick Weight Loss?

Cottage cheese diet: just a fad or your secret to quick weight loss? Learn all you need to know about how to do the cottage cheese diet in this article!
There are some things we all want, but a good personality, loving friends and family, and an attractive figure are perhaps three of the most common. Among these, being in good shape is seen by nearly all cultures as a sign of good health.

Still, everyone of us is wired to seek out the best results with the least amount of work. That coupled with the fact that we all want to look “hot” has led to the rise of your so-called fad diets. One of the hottest right now that many may put in this category is the cottage cheese diet.

But is it really a fad diet? Or are there real links to weight loss that could be part of a healthy weight loss diet? And exactly what is the cottage cheese diet? Let’s get to answering all those questions and more!

What is the cottage cheese diet?

Well, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. This diet focuses on making cottage cheese the main part of your daily meals. While it may seem crazy to make a food like this a huge part of your diet, it does have numerous weight loss benefits.

For starters, cottage cheese is typically made from low-fat or skim milk. This allows it to keep all of the protein you need to build and sustain lean muscle while being much lower in calories, a crucial factor in weight loss.
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How do I follow the diet?

To follow the cottage cheese diet, you will have it along with other add-ons for your both your meals and snacks. Some examples of snacks you might have while on the diet are sliced cucumbers with cottage cheese, or a bowl with spices like paprika or pepper.

One cup of cottage cheese is only about 230 calories while still containing 28 whopping grams of protein. When on a low-cal diet, one of the biggest problems people report is being hungry all the time.

Eating cottage cheese allows you to keep your calories low without being hungry, because the large amounts of protein it contains will keep you feeling full in between meals and snacks.

You can also pair your cottage cheese with lots of fruit, veggies, or whole wheat bread. Do your best to avoid alcohol while on the diet, as it contains high amounts of calories (even in liquor) and quick-digesting carbs that cause increased hunger.

But does it actually work?

Like with most diets, it’s all about what you put into it. Making a low-calorie, high-protein food like cottage cheese a central part of your diet will certainly lead to weight loss, but isn’t realistic to follow long term.

It can, however, be effective when you need to lose small amounts of weight in a hurry. Another added benefit is that it will let you focus on two things that are crucial to long-term diet success: counting calories and keeping them low, and getting plenty of protein.

You’ll also be eating plenty of fruit, veggies, and whole wheat foods while on the diet, which are things you should be doing anyways. Stick to the diet for short periods of time and you should see results.

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